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My name is Leslie.

I want to find the stories that make our community great and the stories where people are sharing Jesus across West Georgia.

Galatians 6:17

meet Journey...

Leslie literally had an impromptu chat with Journey at the Highland Deli in Carrolton. She was moved by the reason Journey was wearing a bracelet that had the verse Galatians 6:17 on it and wanted her to share it with you too!


Every Tuesday be on the lookout for something new from me whether it’s an interview, blog post or podcast!

Have a question for me to answer on our podcasts?

Our podcasts feature things we highlight in our community, testimonies from speakers at our events and topics all women can relate to.

Know someone that is doing something amazing in our community?

If you know of someone that I need to talk to or basically bombard at some point to share their story with everyone – I’m all ears!

How can I pray for you or get you involved in the community?

One of my passions is getting people plugged into a church home but also involved in the community here in West GA. If you’re looking to get plugged in, I am your girl to do just that.

Email Me.